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This Tibetan Buddhist protective amulet was traditionally handcrafted at Dodrupchen Rinpoche's monastery in Sikkim, India, and empowered with all of the requisite prayers and rituals. 

The Body Protection amulet (Lü Sungwa) is specially designed to reverse an unvaforable yearly combination for one's personal (Body) element in Tibetan Astrology. This aspect of one's chart is particularly associated with corporeal health, and a negative combination traditionally indicates an increased potential for injury or illness. In the Tibetan Asto-medical tradition, this amulet would be worn in order to avert the negative influence of this astrological feature. 

In order to determine the state of your personal Lü element for this lunar year, please contact Erik Jampa directly. 

Body Protection ༼ལུས་སྲུང་བ།༽

  • Wear the amulet above the waist and do not allow it to become wet. Do not place on the ground, under your body, or in a dirty place. Please treat this item with respect and burn it if you wish to dispose of it.