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The College of Psychic Studies
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The College of Psychic Studies
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The College of Psychic Studies
Introduction to Tibetan Medicine



What is Tibetan Medicine?

       Sowa Rigpa, the "Science of Healing," is the Tibetan name for Traditional Tibetan Medicine (TTM). This transcontinental tradition incorporated knowledge from many of the great medical disciplines of the ancient world, including the Indian, Persian, Greek, Chinese, and indigenous Himalayan healing traditions. For over 1,500 years, these seemingly disparate lineages coalesced in the Land of Snows, and advanced investigation into the nature of health and disease became a major undertaking for the Tibetan people. With a guiding focus on the elimination of suffering, the Tibetan lineage of Sowa Rigpa has evolved into one of the most sophisticated and effective examples of traditional healing science in the world today.


       Tibetan Medicine is based on an elemental system of biology and pathology, addressing underlying imbalances and disturbances on the elemental level of one's body, energy, and mind. With dietary, behavioral, herbal, and external therapeutic support, dis-eased states can be brought to a state of balance and optimum health can be readily attained. 


NEW! The Roots & Branches of Sowa Rigpa

Click below to explore the Tree of Health and Disease from the Four Tantras of Tibetan Medicine. This free interactive tree features some of the foundational theories of Sowa Rigpa, including the basis of anatomy & physiology.  

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© 2020 Shrīmālā Healing Arts. Tibetan Medicine is a millennia-old healing discipline formally acknowledged in Tibet, China, India, Bhutan, and Nepal. However, it is not a licensed medical discipline in the USA, UK, or EU, and therefore is not regulated by the FDA, AMA or any other regulatory body in these countries. Erik is not legally qualified to diagnose any conditions, and no herbal formulas recommended or supplied are intended to prevent, treat, or cure any disease. Therapies or treatments pursued under a Tibetan Medicine Practitioner should not be treated as a replacement for qualified care by a licensed physician.